Being one of the leading real estate promoter & developer in the Capital city of Kerala,Sagara Realtors constructs with a conscience. Sagara Realtors signifies the epitome of luxury integrated with superior quality and understated grandeur.we believes that with each business we are getting a new relative,The spirit of creativity and perfection of the organization is reflected in its endeavors to achieve excellence, a quality perfected in serving the nation for the past two decades.

Core Purpose

"To make a difference by adding value to the lives around us"

We Develop Leaders.

- We foster Trust. Openness and collaboration to develop Leaders.
- We set postive examples and invest in personnel and subcontractors so that they can actively lead in all business areas.

Always Challenge Status Quo

- Be a Constrarian to say Strict "No" to conventional thinking.
- Do not accept given things. Take no assumptions. Question everything. Nurture compulsive, constructive skepticism.
- Be restless about the need and speed of change, show high intolerance to complacency.
-Be a Limitless, out-of-the-box thinker and solution provider.

Integrity and Values

- We do what we say...
- Be transparent, honest and ethical in interactions with personnel, clients, subcontractors and public. Conduct business with the highest standards of professional behavior and ethics.

Innovative Intentions

- We anticipate change and shape it to fit our purpose.
- Acknowledge the weaknesses of our nation and create ethical and postive solutions to overcome them. Identify, develop and deploy leading edge construction methods, plant and equipments and process improvement tools.

In Depth Improvements

- Keep measuring, monitoring, analyzing and improving productivity, processes and tasks and ourselves to satisfy the clients and us.
- Be courteous, enthusiastic and be strong to stand by truth and righteousness.
- Strive to go beyond our own achievements.

We Build Lifelong Relationships

- No barrier between work and life
- Easy crossover of learning from domain to domain
- Take effort to add life to relationsip
- Condition yourself unconditionally
- Be selfless and do service before asking
- Believe in love and help bring up our parivar

BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) To become a 500 crore company by the year 2025.